Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last Chance to be a Founding Member!

The Society of Enlightened Dragonologists is set to launch next week.  We are still taking applications to be listed as a founding member.  We will first and foremost promote that dragons are:
1. Real
2. Intelligent
3. Magical
4. Universally different as humans.

We will also be promoting any illustrator, artist or author who depicts dragons in their full beautiful array.  From the most evil to the most gentle of these magnificent creatures, we will see that the word is spread that dragons are more than just a target for the end of some fame seeking knight's lance.

Join us today and become a founding member!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Win a Full Set of The Farloft Chronicles

Want 5 volumes of Dragon fun similar to
How to Train Your Dragon?

It's fun and easy to participate in this game.

Pick up a button from Farloft's Hoard

Place it somewhere and take a picture. Like these:

Put your picture here in the comments, 
or tweet it to @TheresaSnyder19, 
or email it to 

You will be entered in a monthly drawing for the a Full Set of The Farloft Chronicles

For more examples and past winners Click here for Farloft's Blog Farloft's Rhetoric 


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Unenlightened Dragonologist could pick up a few pointers from this film. 

As an Enlightened Dragonologist I will point out just a few you should take particular not of:

1. Do not antagonize your dragon. (He may threaten to drop you off a cliff.)
2. Keep items around for your dragon to entertain themselves. ie. logs, sheep, fish etc.
3. Do not try to control baby dragons. Go with the flow, or flight, as the case may be.
4. Stroke, pet, nuzzle, scratch your dragon often. They love gentle human contact.
5. Avoid dragon slobber. It is difficult to get out of clothing.

Wizard of ID - Parker

Just some Wizard of ID fun for all of us who love our Dragons.

The Farloft Chronicles

Pleased to announce The Farloft Chronicles are coming out in Paperback
this month.

4 & 5 available by the end of the month.

Some folks already have their copies.

Dragon Kites

I have the best dentist. He has a dragon kite in each of his patient rooms. 
This one was in my room. 
Something to look at while getting my crown done. 
Almost makes it worth going to the dentist. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Announcement to Founding Members!

If you have an avatar or a picture that you would like on your personal author/illustrator page, please let me know.   We are entering testing this next week and finalizing artwork ect. I will be brave, here is mine!

Fire update!   Our little wild farm is still safe at this time.  Praying for all the firefighters throughout Oregon and Washington states.

Invitation to New Dragonologist Members!

We have many approve new authors.  I am hoping they will start putting short stories and dragon information here soon.  The website is almost complete. The previews of the site have been very very exciting. We will move this blog to the site's blog once it is done.

I found this artist and he gave me permission to post his dragon.  I thought it wonderful and a unique facial structure.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I.  His name is Kurt Brugel.

Check this for more!

Those of you who have accepted your author status, please post quips, information on your books.. your dragons ect.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On the Origin and Evolution Through the Course of Natural Selection of Dragons

"On the Origin of Dragons, all dragons, like every living thing in this world, evolved from some primeval life form through the course of natural selection. I, as a student of Dr. Earnest Drake, do believe, that dragons evolved from some undersea reptile some billion years ago.

 Through the process of natural selection, this undersea reptile found fit to evolve into something larger and deadlier, in order to catch prey that was evolving to become larger and deadlier. This was the first dragon. However primitive, this dragon was about three feet long, two feet high, with a serpentine body and four legs. It evolved a muzzle, to catch prey, and teeth to tear them apart. This dragon is believed to be colored blue, in order to blend in with the sea.

The First Step is to Get Known!

I was able to share the upcoming website for when a local reporter interviewed me for our local paper.  Already we are building a membership and a reading base.  I have a new article I received which was quite informational and I look forward to posting it for you all. I have asked official permission as it was sent to me but no permissions were attached.  Our list of artists and writers is growing and I can't wait for launch date. I have seen the website previews and it is quite beautiful.

First Newspaper Article that I didn't write myself!