Sunday, June 29, 2014

Coming Soon! is launching on August 31st.  We are pre-building our founding members now.  If you know anyone who writes or creates intelligent dragons, please have them email me at  I will send them an enrollment form.  Membership is free and the advantage to them will be a listing as a founding member and also free promotions of their work.   I am looking forward to working with each of our enlightened dragonologists as I know Theresa is as well. 

A dragon's view of Vesta!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Evolution of Dragons as told to Farloft by his Father

 “My father used to tell us stories about the origin of our species.” *cast eyes about over the group now assembled before him* “These are not just stories of my clan, but the history of Dragonology.”

*temples wings up high above head, ruffled them and then brings them down to fold them softly at his sides. Settles into storytelling mode - reclining with paws crossed*

“Many long years ago when rocks were soft and the world bubbled and ran with lava, from that primordial ooze the first dragons arose. They did not look like us. At the time, they were small, wingless creatures that would have fit in my paw.” *extends huge green paw to illustrate their diminutive size*

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Enlightened Studies in Dragonology: The Five Important F's.

As an avid student of Dr. Earnest Drake, I have decided to continue his delightful studies with the help of Keensight.  Having been fortunate enough to make friends with two dragons, Farloft and Keensight, as well as increasing slowly my contact with several others, I hope that my findings will be helpful to other dragonologists and writers.  Today I wish to expound on the five F's of dragonology, originally postulated by Dr. Drake.

Habitats of Dragons of Vesta

Please note that this information is only noted from the world of Vesta and is filtered through the perceptions of Keensight.

Dragon habitats are as varied as there are dragons.  Most people just assume that they have a cave and often this is the case.  However, there are definitely some preferences and variations.  Like people, not all dragons want raise their fledglings in the same environments.  Of course, exploration of these habitats are dangerous and therefore most of what we know are from abandoned nests.

Top Ten Dragon Quotes by Brian Rathbone That Make Me Smile!

Top Ten Dragon Quotes by Brian Rathbone That Make Me Smile!
#10: Never put on Sir Mix-A-Lot when a dragon bends down to drink.

 #9:   Good dragons make for good neighbors.

 #8:   I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a dragon today.

 #7:   A single finger emerges from beneath a sitting dragon and tweets: Hi!

 #6:   How to house train your dragon: Step 1 - Lower your expectations.

Declaration of Dragon Sentiments

This is the Declaration of Dragon Sentiments for the newly formed Society of Enlightened Dragonologists. We will soon be opening this up for membership, which of course.. will be free.  No self-respecting dragonologist would take money to advance the knowledge of our craft.